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Founder Statement

Real estate broker launches GasBuddy for real estate commissions

Fills massive information market gap created by meaningless NAR settlement

Trolling the entire industry and media who believed the NAR settlement would change real estate ‘forever’

I can’t even spell http

A Massachusetts real estate broker with absolutely no coding experience has launched a crowd sourced commission posting platform aimed at taking advantage of the giant loophole in the proposed Realtor settlement that continues to allow for the payment of co-operating commissions from seller and list agencies to buyer brokers.

YouTuber and licensed real estate broker Jack Gately launched the nationwide, searchable, minimally viable product solution, using the freely available Google Forms and Google Sheets products. allows buyers, sellers, agents and even nosy neighbors to post the offered commission per for sale property.  The technology is so simple, even Gately figured it out.

“I can’t even spell http.  But the proposed new rules are incredibly meaningless to consumers and while the Realtor and MLS systems will take a hit, the new boss is same as the old boss, consumers will continue to pay more than they should. demonstrates how easy it will be to share commission data on a public nationwide basis,” said founder Jack Gately.

“I’m trolling the entire industry and media who believed the NAR settlement would change real estate ‘forever’, but really only serves the lawyers and NAR, not the consumer.’”

“Just like the original seemingly simplistic GasBuddy platform, the revenue opportunities are deep and wide, thank you to NAR and the plaintiffs’ attorneys for carving out a massive business opportunity,” added Gately. 

“The loophole is so large, it is almost a loophole without a loop,” said Gately “Most real estate professional are screaming like it is armageddon, but the proposed settlement is opportunitygeddon and I’m looking to partner with real coders and real venture capital to build a real crowdsourced solution that can fill the massive information market gap created by the NAR settlement.  As an entrepreneur I’ll work with whatever rules package is finalized.”